keskiviikko 30. kesäkuuta 2010

A Day Before My 19th Birtday, OMG

Turquoise outfit for WednesdayHere comes my lunch: lax and mixed vegetables

Oh, and this is my new was love at the first sight! (from GT, about 15 euros)
Underwear from GT(9,90 euros)
These biker shorts are also from Gina, 5,90 e)
Couple days ago I watched this movie with my friends! This is definitely one of my favourites..Have you seen it??

Now I`m gonna head to Kharma Club. After a hot and sunny day it`s a good option I think! See you, xoxo

P.S. And tomorrow is my 19th BIRTHDAY!! Omg..

From Sales To Home

Here comes my outfit for a sunny day

I got inspirated and bought something nice for me! All the accessories are from Lindex:Sunglasses and bracelet
Scarves in action
and a bracelet..
Then I lost myself in Makuuni and bought some sweets:
..and also three movies:
Ja nyt tulee ihan paras juttu: Makuunissa nimittäin eräs miesmyyjä sanoi mulle, että "saat vähän alennusta, koska käyt täällä niin USEIN"..voi elämä, ette voi uskoa miten mua hävetti!!! :D Sain siis euron verran alennusta karkeista :D Ou my goshh...

maanantai 28. kesäkuuta 2010

Berlin [part two]

Berlin by night. Restaurants, bars and little cafeterias were so full of feeling at night time. We were usually having something to eat or drink while watching footboll games(every bar/restaurant had a screen for us who were into those games). It was also nice to watch people walking on the streets and having their own thing going on..Lovely!
Day three starts at the hotelWe got sandwitches from a nice little bakery and ate them at Parliament house :D

We walked to Western side of Berlin and headed to Zoologischer Garten Berlin. I think it`s one of the biggest zoo in whole Europe..There is almost 1,500 different species and around 16,000 animals so the zoo presents the most comprehensive collection of species in the world. It definitely worth a visit!!

Oh my :D

Panda didn`t want to show his face :(

Gorillas look so funny

I love this picture A LOT:

After the zoo we were hungry so we decided to sit down at Hard Rock Cafe Berlin, such a great place to have lunch!

My boyfriend bought Brazilian`s official jerseyfrom the Nike store, he is such a Brazilian fan!

Kadewe, the famous shopping mall

Day four starts with a walkin tour in Eastern side of Berlin

Breakfast at Tiffany`s..nooot..In reality it was breakfast at Pozdamer palace, theater..

Lego world! Can you imagine that the giraffe is made of those little lego blocks..

Sony Center is a huge place, buildings are made of glass and it looks very impressive.

Döner kebab! Costs only 2,5 euros..

Playing with hats at H&M

Einstein Cafe was my favorite!
Cafe mocca

Time for Burger King!

Day five`s plans: Get a taxi and head to the airport, drink a cafe at Starbucks and have a nap during the flight
Here is a picture of Tegel`s airport
Outfit for the flight:
Flying with Blue1
And finally in Helsinki again! Buuu..
We had to wait for my Dad to pick us from the airport

I wish I could go back..well now it`s time to wait for the next destination. What would it be mmh..

Anyway, Hope you enjoyed the pictures :)