keskiviikko 30. kesäkuuta 2010

A Day Before My 19th Birtday, OMG

Turquoise outfit for WednesdayHere comes my lunch: lax and mixed vegetables

Oh, and this is my new was love at the first sight! (from GT, about 15 euros)
Underwear from GT(9,90 euros)
These biker shorts are also from Gina, 5,90 e)
Couple days ago I watched this movie with my friends! This is definitely one of my favourites..Have you seen it??

Now I`m gonna head to Kharma Club. After a hot and sunny day it`s a good option I think! See you, xoxo

P.S. And tomorrow is my 19th BIRTHDAY!! Omg..

5 kommenttia:

  1. well, happy early birthday to you!
    that food looks delicious..
    funny.. there's something called "kharma club" where i live too


  2. Thank you so much for your comment <3
    AND Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Jassica wu: Thanks you very much!!
    Haha, that`s funny..:)

    Pasarela: Thanks a lot sweety!! xoxo

  4. ONNEA NYT TÄHÄ VÄLIIN. En muista oonko kommentoinu sulle mut jokatapaukses tykkään sun blogista. ja seuraan jatkossaki.
    eiku kyl oon johonki entryyn kommentoinu, tai sit mun kommenttiei vaa oo tullu tänne boxii :Ddemt

  5. Shäna: Kiitos kovasti!
    Heh.. juu kyl mä muistan sut, että oot kommentoinut joskus :) Kiva jos tykkäät blogista!