sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

Berlin [part one]

So here comes a little sightseen about my trip to Berlin. We spent there five days and the time flew so fast. We managed to walk a lot, through the alleys, parks, main streets etc..I recommend walking if you want to see as much as possible! During the day it was so lovely to sit and relax in a nice cafeteria, smoke a cig and drink something cold or a hot cup of dark coffee. I love to travel with my boyfriend, he is propably the best travelling partner ever. He is so cool, funny and pleasant company to travel with. Always so thoughtful and understanding..that`s why I love him so much. Last summer we made a trip to Prague and it was at least as cool as this trip..full of suprises and love!<3

Day one: Our flight took only two hours. We were in Berlin at 12.15 pm so we had much time to get know to our new destinationAt the Tegel`s airport in Berlin we took a taxi and went to the hotel( it took about 30 minutes, 20 euros). Taking a taxi was the best alternative because it`d have been horrible to change trains, busses etc. with our baggage!
Our hotel room was ready at 2.00pm, so we had time to take a little walk over the river

Best Western Hotel Berlin-Mitte was the name of our hotel and it`s on the Eastern side of Berlin. Here are some pictures of our room:
The whole room was pretty nice, but the weirdest thing was the shower system and washbasin, it was in the same room as the bed..:D I mean there was no door between the shower room and sleeping area! :D
Here you can see clearly the weird system!
Luckily the toilet was behind the door..but there was nothing else than toilet mirror, no washbasin..:D weird!!

But all in all the room was very cosy. Love those big windows! It was amazing to wake up when light comes softly throught the glass and curtains..

Crispy cheddar cheese covered chicken breasts and salad mix with olive oil dressing

The Brandenburg GateParliament house

Self timer in the camera=great invention<3

I love little alleys, it`s so romantic to walk with someone you love..

No, We are not tourists..haha maps in front of the face all the time :D!

little currychicken snack

Relaxing in front of the footboll match! Everyday we walked all the time so my feet were a bit tired at the end of the day..
Day two: We walked to West side of Berlin, checked out the Kurfursterdamm`s area and had great time together.

Irtokarkeiltakaan ei säästytty matkan aikana :D oli muuten kalliita..2 euroa/100 g..

love those colours!
Later night we walked along our neighbourhood streets and ate some pizza

Street views from East Berlin

How do you like my pictures and the trip overview? I`ll hit the rest of the story and pictures later :) So see you, xoxo <3

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  1. Jos suomessa maksais karkit 20 euroo kilo ni mun hampaat ois paljon paremmassa kunnossa :D

  2. I haven't been to Berlin yet, but I really have to, especially after seeing those pictures!

  3. HENNA: Joo todellakin :D! ei tuol raaskinut ostaa kun 300 grammaa irtokarkkia..onneks haribo pussit oli sit halvempia :D

    Daphne Arnold: It`s a lovely city, I warmly recommend to take a visit!

  4. Ihania kuvia! näyttää siltä että reissu on osunu just nappiin :)

  5. emmi: Onnistunut matka oli kyllä! :) Hyvä sääkin piristi, vaihtelevasti aurinkoa ja pilvistä, kertaakaan ei satanut :)

  6. Nice trip to Berlin, I have not been but after the images I desire it hehe.

  7. MyStyleMontse: Berlin definitely worth a visit! :)