torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010


I didn`t celebrate my birthday today, cause most of my friends are having work tomorrow morning so..I guess it`ll be next Friday (9.7.2010), it`s a special night in Kharma, they are organizing a bubble party there (vaahtobileet!! aaw) and prefer it! There is also a option to celebrate at this weekend a bit and I think it`ll happen couse there are two good reasons for it: My birthday of course and my boyfriend managed to have a studying place at Helsinki Medical Science(eli se odotettu lääkis vihdoin avautui, toisella yrittämällä!), so he`ll be a doctor someday! I`m so proud of him, so happy for him..I can`t describle this feeling :). I didn`t make it this very first time, but I`ll be trying next year again! Becoming a doctor is my dream and I won`t give up easily!Yeasterday I also heard some bad news..My very good fried passed away. Her heart stopped pumping(it was stopped about 20 min) and it coused a serious damage to her brains. Doctors couldn`t do anything. It was too late to save her life..

But now a bit happier things for you: I`ll tell you a little story about my 18th birthday last year, so enjoy the text and the pictures:

My 18th birthday was perfect. I started my day with a jogging tour, taking a long shower and eating strawberries and some chokolate! Love them <3 I had also three working hours at the office(Mikkelin opiskelija-asuntojen toimisto) and to my suprise my boss bought me a present: it was a 100 e gift token to a jewellery store. I also got a permission to go to the jewellery store by the same time. I chose pearl earrings and real pearl necklace for me. God, I love them! After work I met my boyfriend at the city and he gave me a present as well..IT WAS A DIAMOND RING!!! Oy my..I was so in heaven. I couldn`t even dream about a present like that..Anyway, we decided to go to My Cafe, My Bar`s terrace and enjoy the sun and a cold drink. My cousin Antti joined us and we had a great time together.
This is THE ring:
But the time was running so I needed to go home and get everything ready for the night. My friends came to my place to celebrate and the whole night was amazing! We danced, laughed and talked a lot and at 10.00 pm we hit to the club. My lovely boyfriend ordered drinks for me the whole night long and I felt it in my head :D..and in the next morning too..haha. I really miss that day :) Now some pictures from that day:

My friend Saara broke a sparkling vine bottle to our staircase, haha

Me and my dear cousin, Miller

My other cousin, Antti

Later it was time to celebrate at Kharma! My favourite drink is kossuvichy(=vodka mixed with mineral water with gas :D)! Everybody is wondering it..haha but I really think it`s so goood!

Anyway, today I`ve been at home, with my Mom( Dad is not here, because of his work..) and later with my boyfriend! He gave me these as a present: my favourite candies, a bottle of sparkling vine,a cute candle and an envelope....when I opened it, I found..
..a gift token to a hot stones -massage(whole body, 1,5 hours..)! Oh I know it`s definitely amazing..those massage stones are something like 60 degrees hot and they feel so good on your skin. I`ve tried that massage once before and it`s very relaxing :)

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  1. Otan osaa sun suruusi<3 Koita jaksella, toivottavasti helpottaa ajan kanssa :)

    Synttäreistä sen verran, oot ollut ihan super kauniina viime vuonna! Ihana tuo mekko :) Ihan mielettömän upeita lahjoja oot kans saanu, vaikuttaa just täydelliseltä 18- vuotis synttäripäivältä!

    Onnee viel sun poikkikselle lääkiksen johdosta, toivottavasti pääset ens vuonna kans sisään! :)

  2. your birthday last year must have been amazing, your dress was very cute and you are really pretty :)
    hope you have fun at your party this year, i like your blog! <3

  3. emmi: kiitos<3 Kyllä tää tästä ajan kanssa..:) näin alkuvaiheessa vain ei osaa ymmärtää vielä koko asiaa!

    Hih, tuo on ehkä paras jonka oon ostanut H&M:ltä !:D kesäinen..:)

    Niin, ensi vuotta varten sitten vain treenailemaan fysiikan laskuja, mmh :D niissä mulla aina tökkii!

    Esther: Thank you very much! <3 Nice to hear that!

    Daphne Arnold: Thanks!! xoxo