tiistai 13. heinäkuuta 2010

Lazy Days

On Sunday morning I took my car and drove to our summer cottage, it`s too hot at the city..Being near to lake, water, is something I want during this heat. Ahh, Sunbathing(on the surfboard), enjoing a lovely dinner in the garden and lot of resting, I like! I`m not sure how many days I`m gonna stay here, mm..but I think I`ll be back on Thursday. Tomorrow I`m going to surf around "papinsaari"-isle, it`s about 1,5-2 kilometers..We`ll see what`s gonna happen, haha :D!

Here comes some inside pictures of our cottage, which is actually kinda old-fashioned..

This porch is definitely my favourite place here:Dinner time

Mom made this pie for us, yammy!
These meatbolls are super good, they are filled with cheese:Wilma:

I didn`t really use this mask, just playing with it. I look like a duck

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oot niin epiksen laiha!!! syötkö ollenkaan?:D

  2. Anonyymi: voi syön kyllä! :) ruoka on nam nam!