maanantai 5. heinäkuuta 2010

Summer Cottage

Last night, after spending a day at the beach with my friends, I decided to take some time of and go to our summer cottage. It`s so nice to escape city life and just enjoy being in the middle of the beautiful nature. Our cottage is located about 17 kilometers from the city(it takes 30 minutes with a car) so it`s pretty easy to come and go whenever you like. Today I started my day with a cup of coffee like this:I put a blanket on the grass and threw myself down
Soon I needed this:
surffing and lying on the surfboard. Has anyone tried this? So cool :D

Sunbathing in the garden..

I found these in the morning:
Tomorrow morning it`ll be another surfing round and later I`ll go back to the city. Gonna have lunch with my boyfriend in a new restaurant(nimeltään Hilla), yammy yammyy!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Oot niin ihanan laiha, oon ihan kateellinen:) Ja aivan ihania kesäkuvia, tulee jo ikvävä mökkeilyä, vaikka eilen juuri mökiltä kotiuduin!

  2. I envy you this holiday atmosphere, you look fantastic!

  3. Jenna: Kesäkuvat tuo kyllä ihan omanlaisen fiiliksen! Mä oon nyt vasta viime aikoina innostunut mökkeilystä, ihana pakopaikka kaupungin tohinasta!! :)

    Kota Behemota: Thank you very much sweety!!

  4. i love your photos! :)
    i don't think i responded to your comment from a while back. i live in texas! it's really hot right now since it's summer time.